Class War : The Privatization of Childhood

Class War : The Privatization of Childhood

By Megan Erickson.

What is at stake when some American children go to school hungry and others go to school in $1,000 Bugaboo strollers? Class War argues that under free market capitalism, life paths prescribed by class but framed as parental choices--public or private? Gifted & Talented, general or special education?--segregate American children from birth through adolescence, and into adulthood, as never before. In an age of austerity, an elite class of corporate education reformers has found new ways to transfer the costs of raising children to families. Examining three New York City schools, Class War show how education has been transformed into a competitive "hunger games" for the resources and social connections required for economic success.

Softback book.
240 Pages.

Published by Verso.