I shot Andy Warhol

I shot Andy Warhol

Includes Valerie Solana's "SCUM Manifesto".

By Mary Harron.

This is the story of Valerie Solanas, the radical feminist and author of "SCUM Manifesto" (Society for Cutting Up Men), who made headlines in 1968 when she attempted to kill Andy Warhol. This book moves beyond the generally accepted view of Valerie as a deranged lesbian acting in revenge for being shunned by the Factory crowd, and presents a complex and determined figure - a woman whose brilliance and passion were clouded by mental instability and a history of abuse. The book is based on the film, "I Shot Andy Warhol", starring Lili Taylor, Jared Harris, Stephen Dorff and Martha Plimpton.

It previewed at the Sundance Film Festival.

Softback book.
190 pages.

Published by Bloomsbury.