Left of Queer

Left of Queer

Edited by David L. Eng & Jasbir K. Puar.

The contributors to Left of Queer offer a detailed examination of queerness and its nearly three-decade academic institutionalization. They interrogate contemporary material conditions that create socially and politically acceptable queer subjects and identities; trace the development of queer studies as a brand of US area studies predicated on American culture and exceptionalism; and bring together queer theory and Marxism to reject claims that the two fields are incompatible. In examining these themes, the contributors explore how emergent debates in three key areas-debility, indigeneity, and trans-connect queer studies to a host of urgent sociopolitical issues.

Taking a position that is politically left of the current academic and political mainstreaming of queerness, the essays in this issue examine what is left of queer-what remains outside of the political, economic, and cultural mandates of the state and the liberal individual as its prized subject.

Softback book.
170 pages.

Published by Duke University Press.