The Black Madonna's Song

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The Black Madonna's Song

By Mat Osmond & Kate Walters.

The Black Madonna’s Song is dedicated to Sr Meinrad Craighead (d. 8.4.19): an artist, writer and Benedictine nun whose life was steered from early childhood by an intimate sense of encounter with God the Mother. At the heart of the pamphlet is a series of ekphrastic poems by Mat Osmond that reply to paintings by Craighead: works that reflect her lifelong devotion to the Black Madonna.

The Black Madonna’s Song is illuminated by a series of arresting watercolour paintings by Kate Walters, chosen for their resonance with Mat’s poems and offering a third layer to the pamphlet’s oblique meditation on the instinctive process that Craighead herself spoke of as ‘praying with images’.

Printed on recycled Cyclus paper, The Black Madonna’s Song is bound with gorgeous paper and cardstock from G. F. Smith, beautifully colour-printed with Kate’s unforgettable images.

Published by Atlantic Press.