The Cow

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The Cow

By Ariana Reines

What has industrial slaughter got to do with poetry? "The Cow" performs an autopsy of the twentieth century on the bodies of ruined women, ransacking texts from the Bible to "Baudelaire" and "The Merck Veterinary Manual". It is hopeless, sexual, scarified, and alive. No doubt about it, this is strong and original work.

"Beyond brilliant, The Cow is a manifesto of the paradoxical girl-state in which disappearance beckons through presence."
- Chris Kraus.

"Ariana Reines made me realize you could be a girl and loving and compassionate and vulgar and voracious and excessive and ugly and smart. She gave poetry guts, and she gave me and so many other female poets/queer poets/weirdo poets the guts to be female/queer/weird.
- Jenny Zhang, Rookie.

Softback book.