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Abolition Science Fiction

Abolition Science Fiction

Edited by Phil Crocket Thomas

A collection of sci fi short stories written by activists and scholars involved in prison abolition and transformative justice in the UK. The stories are not all explicitly about prison abolition, but all of them explore the underlying question of how we can live well together, tackling complex topics like violence, revenge, responsibility, care, and community. As such they can help us imagine a future where we respond to harm without exclusion and punishment, illustrating Ruth Wilson Gilmore’s contention that ‘abolition requires that we change one thing: everything.’ Alongside the stories are extracts from discussions from the workshops where we wrote and shared the stories. There are also creative writing exercises and discussion prompts, included to help readers explore ideas about abolition and transformative justice in creative ways. The book is aimed both at those curious about abolition and at seasoned activists who want to explore abolition through creative writing.

Contributors: Anonymous, Cara Jardine, Chris Rossdale, Dave, Fergus McNeill, Jess Poyner, Josie Tothill, Koshka Duff, Lizzie Hughes, Margaret S. Malloch, Phil Crockett Thomas, Ren Wednesday, Richard C Quorum, River Ellen MacAskill, Sarah Armstrong, SCode.

Softback book.
82 pages.

Published by Phil Crocket Thomas