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Celtic Cauldron: Rituals for self-care and manifestation

Celtic Cauldron: Rituals for self-care and manifestation

By Nicola McIntosh

The cauldron has always been a symbol of magick and creation and played an integral role in Celtic history. Aptly known as the vessel of manifestation or creation, what we put into it creates something new. Delve into the history of the cauldron and learn the many ways it can be used to help focus your intent to manifest change in your life.

This easy-to-follow book contains practical, modern-day recipes and rituals that can become a part of your everyday life, no matter where you live and what culture you come from. Bringing together her knowledge of Celtic shamanism, crystals and working with plant spirit medicines, Nicola McIntosh teaches you how to create herbal brews, essences, incense, spell bottles, medicine pouch recipes, meals, anointing salves and much more in a variety of cauldrons. The cauldron is symbolic of transformation and a modern-day approach brings the old ways into the new.

Hardback book.
288 pages.

Published by Rockpool Publishing.