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Grow Content

Grow Content

By Mac Dunlop

Published by The Poetry Point Press.
Hardcover Edition

Grow Content is the latest novel by Mac Dunlop. It uses flash fiction and poetic narrative in a non-linear style, allowing the reader to begin on any page they like, or to read through
from beginning to end.

Some comments on work by Mac Dunlop:

“Dunlop displays an encouraging willingness to experiment, both in terms of writing techniques and of engaging with new media.”

Edward Picot, The Hyperliterature Exchange

“It's raw and very much in the moment, and for capturing a pure and honest slice of inspiration you can't help but be impressed by how bold and open Dunlop is.”

Darren Rae, Sci-Fi Online

“Constance grew in confidence every year. Lost leg notwithstanding.
The reformed tea total attitude to drugs and other indulgences had
served her well from where she stood.”

“Bella looked in the mirror and blinked a selfie, uploading it to the
company social, like everyone who took a bathroom break was
supposed to.”

“ felt strangely less political now the war had gone on for four
months. The sides once taken had fallen away like the banks of
an overflowing river. Everyone knew they had gone too far.
Even the one's doing it. They just couldn't imagine how to get out.”
about the author:

Mac is a writer, composer and performer based in Cornwall. He recently co-edited “26 Voices for Change”, an anthology of Cornish writers focused on the climate emergency, which was also published by The Poetry Point Press.

f.f.i. visit contact: [email protected]