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Red Africa: Reclaiming Revolutionary Black Politics

Red Africa: Reclaiming Revolutionary Black Politics

Be Kevin Ochieng Okoth

Red Africa makes the case for a revolutionary Black politics inspired by Marxist anticolonial struggles in Africa. Contemporary debates on Black radicalism and decolonisation have lost sight of the concerns that animated their twentieth-century intellectual forebears. Okoth responds, challenging the claim that Marxism and Black radicalism are incompatible and showing that both are embraced in the anti-imperialist tradition he calls 'Red Africa'.

The politics of Black revolutionary writers Eduardo Mondlane, Am­lcar Cabral, Walter Rodney and Andre Blouin gesture toward a decolonised future that never materialised - instead it was betrayed, violently sup- pressed, or erased. We might yet build something new from the ruins of national liberation, something which sustains the utopian promise of freedom and refuses to surrender. Red Africa is a political project that hopes to salvage what remains of this tradition.

Softback book.
176 pages.

Published by Verso Press.