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Revolutionary Affinities: Towards a Marxist-Anarchist Solidarity

Revolutionary Affinities: Towards a Marxist-Anarchist Solidarity

Written by Michael Löwy & Olivier Besancenot
Translated by David Campbell

Both a sweeping history of revolutionary struggle and a road map for the future, Revolutionary Affinities takes readers from the Paris Commune through the bloody confrontations of the past century to paint a vivid picture of the greatest anarchist and Marxist figures who dared to join forces, from Louise Michel to Subcomandante Marcos, from Emma Goldman to Walter Benjamin. Authors Olivier Besancenot and Michael Löwy, two of the foremost voices in the French anti-authoritarian radical left, explore the promises—and challenges—of developing a fully sustainable, libertarian Marxist society by examining questions of political organization, economic policy, radical ecology, and more. With the urgent need for a unified front against the far right, there has never been a better time for this inspiring story.

Softback book.
224 pages.

Published by PM Press.