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What Iranians Want; Women, Life, Freedom

What Iranians Want; Women, Life, Freedom

By Arash Azazi

A document of real optimism.' GuardianOn Tuesday 13 September 2022, all Mahsa Amini has planned is a day shopping in Tehran. Her birthday is next week. But she is arrested as she comes out of the subway – the Guidance Patrol deem her hijab inadequate.

On Friday she is pronounced dead. By Sunday, women have taken to the streets across Iran, setting their headscarves on fire and cursing the Supreme Leader. Months later, workers down their tools and businesses close.

The battle cry everywhere: Women, Life, Freedom. This isn’t a passing protest wave; something has changed irrevocably. Arash Azizi guides us through Iran ablaze, history being made in real time.

From an International Women's Day celebrated inside Iran’s most notorious prison to mass strikes in Kurdistan, ordinary Iranians are taking risks to fight for a better future. Even as the regime spills blood in retaliation, Iranians have not given up. Today one thing is clear: no Supreme Leader can turn the clock back.

A different Iran is within sight; Azizi shows us what it might look like.

Hardback book.
256 pages.

Published by Oneworld.