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Whatever Next?: On Adult Adoptee Identities : 10

Whatever Next?: On Adult Adoptee Identities : 10

Bu Jay Josephine, Adaline Bara & Hannah Feben-Smith

For adoptees, the word 'lucky' gets thrown around a lot. They're regularly told they're lucky to not be in an orphanage, lucky to have been brought into a family, lucky to be adopted at all. Often they're depicted in media as being broken, in need of saving and fixing.

Then they're expected to become the hero of their own journeys and overcome their origins. Whatever Next? considers how these traditional narratives surrounding adoption have both dominated and damaged adoptive communities for many years, and what we should do to avoid these pitfalls. Inspired by the conversations within their Whatever Next? community project, Jo, Addie and Hannah explore the key tropes that adoptees grapple with and how these conversations are evolving, with the goal of kickstarting new dialogues around the adoption experience more broadly, and showcase how beneficial shared discussion can be.

Softback book.
112 pages.

Published by 404 Ink.