Dope #12

Dope #12

All money raised by the sale of Dope will go directly to support those who sleep outside and rely on the streets of Falmouth for their livelihood.

With a national lockdown, it's harder than ever for the people of Falmouth who rely on being in the streets to make their living.

About Dope:

DOPE Magazine is a quarterly newspaper published by Dog Section Press.

We distribute free bundles of DOPE to anyone who could use a little solidarity, to sell on the street. Working with a network of radical bookshops, social centres, homeless organisations and independent volunteers, we distribute 20,000 copies each issue. This is worth around £60,000 to our street-vendors – or £240,000 annually.


DOPE 12 features: Art in Ad Places, Brighton ABC, Cat Sims, Clifford Harper, Connor Woodman, Game Workers Unite, Koshka Duff, Lucy Parsons, Marco Bevilacqua, Massive Attack, Meg Primmer, Mellissa Chemam, Michelle Tylicki, OT Pascoe, Peter Gelderloos, Protest Stencil, Sławek Rzewuski, & Stacey Clare.